April 23rd, 2014

For Immediate Release

Muskowekwan First Nation, Saskatchewan: The eligible voters of the Muskowekwan First Nation have voted overwhelmingly in favour on the six ballot questions which would allow for the construction and operation of a solution based potash mine on the First Nation’s lands that are reserve and pre-reserve.

The majority supported the Council’s vision to build a self-sufficient Treaty based economy for our future and future generations, said Chief Reginald Bellerose. “The proposed development of a potash mine on First Nation Lands is precedent setting as no other First Nation in Canada has ever undertaken such an endeavour. The Council believes the development of a Proposed Potash Mine represents a game changer for the members.”

The number of eligible electors who were entitled to vote on the referendum was 1,209. There were six ballot questions and the number of voters who voted on each of the six ballot questions varied from 436 to 437. The percentage of those in favour on the six ballots ranged from 79 percent to 77 percent. The voting was conducted on April 15, 2014 at the Muskowekwan First Nation and in the days preceding by voting in advance at scheduled information sessions and via a mail-in ballot.

Land designation is a process available to First Nations to assist in the management of reserve land. A designation identifies parcels of land for a specific purpose for a certain time period. This action will allow Her Majesty to lease the lands so that Muskowekwan can take advantage of economic opportunities.

Muskowekwan First Nation and Muskowekwan Resources Limited, the economic development arm that is wholly owned by the First Nation, entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Encanto Potash Corp to develop a potash mine.

“The benefits from the mine will include equity, employment and business opportunities, and members will see economic benefits from income, wages and opportunities,” said Chief Bellerose.

The Chief noted that his Council looks forward to continuing their excellent working relationship with Encanto Potash Corp. and members are looking forward to seeing the Council’s vision become a reality. “Many members have told me they can’t wait for construction to begin so that they can participate in the project,” said Chief Bellerose.

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Alison Boulding
Director of Inter-govermental Relations
Muskowekwan Resources Ltd.
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